A revamp of I Got A Dream In Heart, cause I still have a dream to finish

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new revamped I Got A Dream In Heart, cause I still have a dream I have to finish. I have a website at Squarespace called, “Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters”, sorry WordPress. Anyway, I thought it was linked, but I see it isn’t. So we will be linking this today and making changes here and I’m going to try a new theme. I created it to help me write a tragic event happened to my family and myself. 22 years ago this happened and affected me most of all. It put me in self-conviction, this event and I haven’t or I couldn’t find forgiveness within me. I’m not selling anything at this point either but maybe. I will advertise for anyone out there that needs more advertisement if they think they need. Just get ahold of me at this email address; creativelywritingtmrrw@yahoo.com 

I felt and feel I was ultimately responsible, and soon that’s for you to decide once I let this story publish. I’ve created some characters to help me write, keeping me in mindset. Now I’m not sure if these characters are part of a Sybil effect or just good old wholesome writing. Which I haven’t been able to do. My late wife Shannon has passed away some time ago. But I did have to ask a few family members permission to write this story. Because I wouldn’t write without their permission otherwise.

That was my main purpose of opening that website, and like here display my poetry. A lot of it was written about my wife. I’ve upgraded to a premium membership at my copywriter’s site PoetrySoup.com. So I am adding excerpts to each and everyone I’ve written over the years, as I’m displaying them at my website, “Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters.” And If I do this right, this traumatizing even will show up here without me copying it and pasting it. But I’m not so savvy in that department, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. These characters I mentioned to help me write, just hopefully keep me in mindset so I can complete this task. It’s very important to me I find forgiveness for me.

Not too long ago, you see, I’ve lost my life a few times that day, which was in May. And I ended up on life support for about a week I want to say, perhaps longer. My brother and my daughter would know, me I had enough already to deal with. So me being in self-conviction the past 22 years is a sin. I’m not saying anything here people, but life is short. Its time I heal from this event. And I’ve had mental and emotion backsets from this.

Ok well, I let you get about your day and If you’ve stopped and read this, thank you. I’ve actually discussed this with my psychiatrist and psychologist as well. And most importantly, for 22 years our Lord, Christ Jesus and I have talked about this event, and Gods actually pushed me this way to set it public and find out or at least find forgiveness setting it free.

Please support the mental illness association, as it is a truly emotional and mental setback.


Best Wishes,