Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life

We start as mear creatures.

Bloom to the lust of flesh, 

Flower to the act of love.

©2019 | Creative Essence’s Creative Witing™|William Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | The moral right of the auth has been asserted|Year Posted 2013


Published by I Got A Dream In Heart

Wishes I wish you more joy, than sorrow, one can give. More love than, your heart can confine. More laughter, than tears. More courage, than fears. More memories, than any precious stones. I wish you more sunshine, than darkness or shadows. More comfort than, trouble or pain. More grace than, gratitude needed. And more days filled, with rainbows than showers. My Wish To You! ©2019 | William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creatively | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2004

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