For months and months I’ve been in a writer’s block. I’ve tried every writers trick to come out of it. And it kinda has me in the blues over it. You know, I’ve even started a story about writer’s block and got about three paragraphs in and lost my interest. The story is even about writer’s block called; Coming Out of The Meadows. That’s where I feel I am most of the time, and I used to like that field. It usually helps me write. And, I’ve even dated the story I’m writing and even said in it; “Let’s just see how long it takes me to complete it. 

Although I did just make a big move from another town back to my home town where I’ve lived that past 19 years. I just didn’t like it where I was at. Lived there a year and a bad experience really. The only good came from living up there was I got to see and meet my newest edition to my family, my granddaughter. Born two days after my birthday. Best gift a grandpa can receive. And I got to see my daughter. Haven’t seen her in a longtime, she lives in another state, Michigan. I’m in Indiana. 

Outside of coming on WordPress here and setting this site up, I’m still in a funk. I can’t believe it’s gone this long. Maybe the winter hibernation I have here. I’ve gone into a cave to hibernate? I even try talking to my best fur buddy Mischief, and he is another poem I’ve been working on since I rescued him. Longest block I’ve been on for quite some time. 

Where or where has my little brain gone. Oh where, oh where can it be. Sure hope it ends by spring. I’m glad I got this out.  And I had to come back on here to add about my daughter being a good thing after not seeing her, laps 10 minutes or so. 


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