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Darrell Rose from Texas. Grandfather, husband, businessman, charity bicycle rider across country and poetry writer. Exceptional inspiration to the community for the charity work he does for the underprivileged children.


Featured Writer Darrell Rose from Texas…

Set Aside

Who am I now this lonely man bent to the point of break,

willing to share his soul, yet existing in such loneliness, for none are found who would receive it?

Set aside for the busier matters of others live’s,

I struggle in my search for that quiet reassurance I once knew in the reassuring arms of my love,

knowing I belonged amongst shared dreams and purpose.”



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| Year Posted 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup


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Dr.Duino Shield for the Arduino Uno is a multifunctional electronics tech board. Let’s meet the man who invented Dr.Duino Shield and founded its company.

I’ve always been fascinated by the electronics technology industry since I was a young teenager. My older brother, Bobby, as my guide, teacher, would repair and fix broken or damaged electronics. Over the years I have fixed and repaired countless electronics, TVs, VCRs, stereos, DVD players, cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, etc…

I was recently on the Facebook platform, and that’s when I found Dr.Duino Shield as an ad of his and became part of my scroll in feeds of the social media community platform. I’d log into the platform, as most of the world does, and there sat Dr.Duino Shield ad, being faithful in my feed.

Arduino Uno and Dr.Duino Shield being put together to create some projects someone has in mind.

I wandered over to his website,, and looked around to see what it’s all about. The site owner, Guido Bonelli, is an electronics engineer-teacher, inventor and founder of Dr.Duino Shield Company. An instructor in his products and guides his students and customer’s hands, knowledge and skills, into the best they can be in the interests of electronics technology. The electronic Dr.Duino Shield tech board was created and invented to go along with the electronics tech board Arduino Uno and I believe other boards created by the Arduino Electronics Tech Company.

He has created a VIP room for his customer’s on Facebook’s platform, to which they can meet other people that have the same common interest in mind and that’s bought his products. Guido gives insight into what’s coming up next on his agenda. I was part of this VIP community of his until I canceled my account and we all learned together and from one another.

Personally, I have great respect for this man, teacher, electronics engineer and inventor/founder for Dr.Duino Shield for allowing me the honor of writing this story of him and his products, Guido Bonelli, his brilliance in the technology profession.

He really is a very good man, very knowledgeable in his career, and, “I say this to the fullest degree of its phrase”. On Wednesday evenings, Guido Bonelli has devoted his time to a young group of students and teaches and mentor’s them about electronics, it’s fundamentals and coding and various other scenarios. How electronics have been shaping our world every single day. Here’s a link to his group of students he’s devoted time too. Have a look;

Arduino Uno with Dr.Duino Shield

With Arduino Uno and Dr.Duino Shield creating another project.
There are so many different variables out there for the two Tech Giants in their inventions.

The inventor/founder of Dr.Duino Shield,
Guido Bonelli, a brilliant electronics engineering teacher, inventor, dedicated to his students and customer’s in the shaping of our electronics industry and how it will shape our world in many different ways, some life saving too.

Thank you, Guido Bonelli, for allowing me the honor in writing this/your story.

Written by William Darnell Sr.
Formally known as;
© Creative Writing Creatively | 2019,
Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters

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Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life


A precious gift, one where some take it for grant it. It’s a blessing to be given it. Good or bad, right or wrong, light or darkness, all are needed for balance, harmony. Goes back as far as our technologies can take us back. Is the other life out in the universe? I, myself, believe there are other life forms out there. Look at it like this, the animals and reptiles, are other forms of life. The fish in the oceans are other forms of life.

Are there other forms of life? Absolutely yes there is, and not just on this planet, but other planetary systems as well.


Spirit of Life


We start as mear creatures.

Bloom to the lust of the flesh. 

Flower to the act of love.



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| Year Posted 2013, 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup

Who I Am

Who I Am?

Humor is good for the soul. Laughter is humorous to the funny bone, so don’t hit the funny bone!

Live, laugh and laugh some more, at least till your stomach hurts. 

Don’t overly laugh,

then they’ll think your nuts and put you in a straightjacket.


Who I Am?


Who am I…


You may know me?


But you have no idea,


Who I am!


See me?


I’m there…


Inside you now!


Hear me?


– Shhh, listen…


See me again?


Right there, inside your mind!


 – Shhh, listen…


Hear me again?


– Who am I…

– Who I am…




Ha! Ha! 


Well, who… was…he? 


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| Year Posted 2018, 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup

Rel • e • vant

       Rel • e • vant 


     ~ Begin ~


     ~ Intent ~


      ~ Action ~


     ~ Instance ~


    ~ Matter ~


    ~ Evolution ~


    ~ Import ~ 


    ~ Export ~


      ~ Continuous ~


   ~ Ring ~



| Copyright © |William Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |

| | Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters” |

|Year Posted 2017, 2019 |




A night walk with an interest in a conversation, good wine with great friends enjoying life’s journey. 



How glad I am, 

to feel you near.


To have you as a friend,  

of common interest in mind.


To open up my heart to uncertainty,

 not too afraid for someone to see,

or too displeased to care. 


But one who peers with interest, 

rapt into the center of my soul. 


How pleasant here to feel your voice

role over me like the sea.


Light and fresh,

as a summer eve.


Whose thoughts draw

my anxious mind,

like a rainbow in the sky. 


Oh, the joy earned,

to gaze into a mind so pure.


A model of the ways, 

next to me as in life. 


Or just to rest in silence, 

savoring the tender tie. 


Oh to sit so close to a friend,

who knows all my faults.


And chooses still my side,

as a  true friend that listens

with their hearts.


Now to share that clean

unselfish flame,

of nearer inner bonds.


The soft aura rapt,

watching the evening’s sun. 


| Copyright ©| William Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved

| The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2006, 2013, 2019 |

| | “Writers, Writing Words:’ being characters” |

| |








In that moment when I felt your heart,

gently dancing with my soul.


I knew in that one moment,

that you had me true to whole.


Each tiny sparkling moment,

sweet memories of you.


Fills my heart with contentment, 

for someone my heart just knew.




©2019 | Creative Essence’s Creative Writing™ |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | The moral right of the author has been asserted |Year Posted 2008


Tides Are High

The Tide Is High

The tide is high,
as I look at the water and
the banks.

I wish I could take my troubles,
and throw them in the water.

Leaving the tide to carry them away,
far to the middle of the waters.

Yet knowing that this can not be done!

But it does leave wonder,
as to the imagination.

I see things floating,
wishing that this is my trouble that
I thrown to the waters.

But looking,
just a floating passing piece of bark.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2001

It Has To Be

It Has To Be

Right down the line,

the spark of a little hope,

someone is reminded.

Don’t forget about tomorrow,

as I heard a man say.

I remember when tomorrow

was not a word in my vocabulary, 

only for that day.

We come back to tomorrow’s promise.

Must be God-given,

must be, has to be.

Change comes always,

with it hope.

And the new ways,

God-given, has to be.

©2018 | Creative Essence’s Creative Writing™| William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2002

What Does It

What Does It

What in life does it mean to be friends?

Is it worth giving a stranger a smile or hello?

What does it mean to lose, your heart to calis nature?

Is it because, we give up to life?

What does it mean,
to just lose how to love,
or care for yourself or another?

Is it just simply wanting to give up and die?

To this is what plagues me in my heart,
the struggle gets harder wanting to die!

| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |

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| |

Source – PoetrySoup

| Years Posted 2002, 2013-19 |

Sun Set

Sun Set

Come sit with me,
and watch the sun set.
Spend with me,
the last moments of life
this day.
There is a tear,
on the cheek of the horizon.
Life has gotten away,
I have lost something beautiful,
something God-given…

And yet,

there is a voice I hear,
saying, tomorrow… tomorrow…

| Copyrights © |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |

| | | 

| |

| Year Posted 2003, 2013-19 |

Source – PoetrySoup

The Still Voice

The Still Voice

Depth’s of His heart,
loves all people for
who they are.

The Still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

He weeps with sorrow,
because His children’s
gone astray.

The Still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

He talks once again,
to be astrayed to His land.

The still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

One said: I heard You talk to thee,
the love pours about.

The still Voice talks,
someone….. was…. listening….
©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author have been asserted | Year Posted 2006

Let Me

Let Me

Let me love you,
in all it’s form.

Let my heartbeat,
keep you safe and warm.

Let me be your,
forever and a day.

My life begins through,
everything you say.

Trust my soul as it
dries your tear.

I promise my love
I will always be here.

For one look- ~
For one smile ~-

Will say more than,
all words combined.

My soul was meant
to find you.

Here hold my hand,
I’ll show you how I feel.

Showering you with love happiness,
nobody can steal.

Let me fill you with my spirit,
no love can hide.

I’ll give you everything,
my hearts got inside.

You’ll never be,
unhappy in my arms.

You’re in my eyes ~
look and realize ~

I’d rather have you
without a future,
than a future without you.

Love is all I got ~
Love is so real ~

©2019 |William. P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted |Year Posted 2013



This sure rings a bell for me.

I tried so many times to find forgiveness for me, and just couldn’t find it being so self-convicted.

God’s told me I’ve done nothing wrong and He has forgiven me.

But I’ve had this repeated conversation with our Lord God Almighty for 22 years.

I’ve carried this self -conviction that long.

Time for healing I believe.



Forgive my heart,
for my mind did sin.

For to temptation,
it did give in.

But not my heart,
true to you it did stay!

So why for my minds mistake,
should it pay?

Not through my actions,
but through my thoughts, I did wrong.

If you must, blame my weak mind,
for not being strong.

But not my heart,
true to you it did stay.

And I could not bear,
to be turned away.

For any action, my mind did make,
in no way, did my heart partake.

In my mind one’s faults,
one’s errors or mistakes.

If you must displease my mind,
for what it did make.

But not my heart when  
all it’s done is love you.


| Copyright © | William Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |

| | Writer’s, Writing Words |

| Year Posted 2006, 2019 |


Me, Ole Friend

Me, Ole Friend

Sit down and rest my ole friend,
take a seat and find yourself.

Find yourself from,
the days journeys end!

You seem to have lost yourself,
somewhere along the way.

You look grawn and weary.

Trying to be somebody,
I wasn’t meant to be!

For other’s expectations,
for other’s eyes to see.

It’s in their hearts,
take a look,
can’t you see?

I can see you in there,
relax and breathe..

– Slow down –

– Look around –
what do you see?

Searching for who,
you’ve always to be?

-Me, an ole friend –

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr.| All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moaral right of the author has been asserted |Year Posted 2017

Desires Within Me

Desires Within Me

There are no regrets without you,
without us; for today never ends.

There are no tomorrow’s without you,
just ends left untied.

There are no boundaries to seek,
just love to be shared with each other.

There are no lies to hide,
only questions unasked.

There are no secrets to hide,
only sincerities from our heart’s.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of this author has been asserted | Year Posted 2002 | International ©2003


To my daughter,
Tiphanie Dawnette.

Crawl into my sanctuary,
and leave this world behind.
Open your heart and let me in,
then close the door of your mind.
Wrap yourself in my blanket,
as dark as the ocean’s deep.
Your tears gently sparkle,
like diamonds while you weep.
I will hold you tightly,
protect you from all that is wrong.
And when you long for comfort,
I will bring you a Phoenix’s song.
Don’t cry my flightless Angel,
your Halo still shines so bright.
Together we will find your wings,
and soon you will be in flight.
So to night, please be peaceful,
I know you are feeling weary.
So rest, wrapped up in my blanket,
inside my sanctuary.
I love you more today,
more than I did yesterday.
And I will love you even more tomorrow!
©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2002 | International ©2003

Inspiration of Love

Inspiration of Love

R.I.P. Shannon Darnell

In the moment that I saw you,
somehow my heart just knew.

That I would have some kind of life,
filled with loving you.

In the moment that you touched me,
as you pulled me to your side.

Your arm slipped down around my shoulder,
my heart no place to hide.

In the moment that I touched you,
I felt your heartbeat beneath my hand.

The look I saw there in your eyes,
spoke a language I did understand.

The moment that you held me,
is somehow frozen in time.

A place of sweet contentment,
engraved is this heart of mine.

In that moment when I felt your heart,
gently dancing with my soul.

The things that it did to me,
had me love you true to whole.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr.| All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2003 | International ©2003

The Mighty Oak

The Mighty Oak

Stand proud there mighty oak tree.
So tall for all the world to see.

With your mighty strength
and your undeniable beauty,
forever really an truly
really amazes me.

Though clouds set above you,
with your branches and limbs,
sprawling to the sky.

In search of the radiant essence,
that it counts on to survive.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All rights reserved. | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted. |Year Posted 2005 | International ©2003

Easter to Enjoy

Easter To Enjoy

Jesus came to earth,
to show us how to live.

How to put others first,
how to love and how to give.

Then He set about His work,
that God sent Him to do.

He took our punishment on Himself,
He made us clean and new.

He could have saved Himself,
calling Angels from above.

But He chose to pay our price for sin,
He paid it out of love.

Our Lord died on Good Friday,
but the cross did not destroy.

His resurrection on Easter morn,
that fills our hearts with joy.

Now we know our earthly death,
like His, is just a rest.

We’ll be forever with Him,
in Heaven, where life is best.

So we live our lives for Jesus,
think of Him in all we do.

Thank you Savior,
thank you Lord,
help us love like You.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2003 | International © 2003