Having someone like this is a joy to be shared, which I am. But it’s not as you read it to be, but think about it, as you read it.


How glad I am, 

to feel you near.


To have you as a friend,  

of common interest in mind.


To open up my heart to uncertainty,

 not too afraid for someone to see,

or too displeased to care. 


But one who peers with interest, 

rapt into the center of my soul. 


How pleasant here to feel your voice

role over me like the sea.


Light and fresh,

as a summer eve.


Whose thoughts draw

my anxious mind,

like a rainbow in the sky. 


Oh, the joy earned,

to gaze into a mind so pure.


A model of the ways, 

next to me as in life. 


Or just to rest in silence, 

savoring the tender tie. 


Oh to sit so close to a friend,

who knows all my faults.


And chooses still my side,

as a  true friend that listens

with their hearts.


Now to share that clean

unselfish flame,

of nearer inner bonds.


The soft aura rapt,

watching the evening’s sun. 




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