Now Featuring 2 Writer’s A Month

5:01 AM 11/1/2019

Featured Guest Writer or Some Other Artist, Photographer …

Once a month, here at I Got A Dream In Heart, I will go out and randomly pick one female and one male writer at or it could be here, SimDif or from Tumblr. And run the same feature on my other blog sites, and feature the poem or article that has inspired me at some point, in the previous month and feature these writers’ on my 4 blog websites. It gives me a chance to contribute to this Open Source Software, and them a chance for more exposure as well as helping us all inspire the world in one way or another.

There is a story behind this and it’s rather sad and would prefer not to write on this subject, but I am compelled to do so. Not long ago, I had died three times before they got me to the hospital. And I had to go on life support for like a week and a half, I believe!? My daughter knows, she is my POA. Well seeing that I had no knowledge of this event, I don’t remember much and have difficulties to a degree now. So I’m a bit slower.

Doctors have no idea and still to this day, are running more tests. The last thing I remember was walking home from lunch. My roommates and my neighbors said I didn’t look very well and from that point on a blank. My neighbor said maybe 10 minutes had passed and he just had a feeling to come to check on me. He said I was sitting here in my chair not breathing unresponsive and no pulse.

One thing I do remember is being told it wasn’t my time just yet, and that I needed to come back and be more serious about my poetry and to write a story I’ve been putting off. So that’s where it is at, and I’ve been just busy setting up these 4 websites, but they all display my poetry and a few other articles and I’m not sure where all my writings are. So randomly will pick writers, artists, photographers and whoever else is out there… So I’m looking forward to all this excitement.

Best Wishes,

~ William

“Writer’s, Writing Words:’

`being characters”… © 2019 


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