North America, USA

 North America, USA


The country in which I, North America, and 325 million other people live. ( This is only an estimate) and the remaining 6 billion people, are never going to agree with all the issues in each of our other countries in which we live. But, North America of The United States, is always turned to for help.

That’s why we are, the Lands of the Free, a Home of The Brave.


North America, United States of America…


Freedom, because of our understanding of the lack of democracy from other countries, fighting to maintain peace and to be a civil nation, for the hopes in humanity, that we are all here for one cause, and one cause only. To evolve into something better than we were yesterday.

To search out and explore new ways to our ever-changing futures. To be the greatest nation to ever be in all of the histories of mankind, no matter how you look at it. To have the best interest in mind when other countries need our lending hands, to keep the peace or find a diplomatic solution to resolve a democracy breakdown.

America the Beautiful, America the Free, America the Brave at Heart. For the care that we have in how we maintain a country with civilities.

Yes, America, I am Proud of Her, She is Our Roots, She is Our Home, America.

God Bless All…


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| Year Posted 2017, 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup

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