Parker Solar Probe Launch A Success…

Parker Solar Probe Launch A Success! 

Today August 21st, 2018 at approximately 3:31a EST, this morning, the Parker Solar Probe launched for the sun’s atmosphere. The second mission of its kind going to the sun’s corona to analyze the atmosphere. In 12 weeks it will be to the sun’s corona where the satellite starts it’s a seven-year mission to collect data of its atmosphere. In six weeks it will cruise past Venus, the no turning point in its mission.

Parker Solar Probe will travel at speeds to over 430,000 miles per hour and make 24 laps around the sun from a distance of 3.83 million miles away. This would be the corona of our sun, analyzing its atmosphere, and sending this data back to NASA. It’s the fastest satellite ever to be built by man and the closest we have ever come to the sun. Last time we sent a probe to the sun was in 1976 coming to a distance of 27 million miles away. The distance from the earth to the sun is an astonishing 93 million miles.

This mission, if it survives it’s blistering heat conditions, a staggering 3-4 million degrees Fahrenheit at the sun’s surface, (up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core), and at 3.83 million miles away, temperature’s of over 2,500° Fahrenheit will go down in history! The satellite has a heat shield of 4.5 inches thick, protecting it and it’s instruments from the blistering temperatures of 2,500° if not hotter and higher.

An hour after launch at 4:31a, it separated from its thrust rocket’s and is now embarked on its seven-year journey. Congratulations to a successful launch NASA, John Hopkins University and to Dr. Eugene Parker, 91, and everyone that played part in a job well done on a fantastic journey to understand the majestic Star of our solar system and galaxy.

Parker Solar Probe is the first of it’s kind to be named after a person which is Dr. Eugene Parker, 91 and the man that initiated this project and mission.

Written by William Darnell Sr

Aug, 21st, 2018 5:32a EST.

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