Separation In A Seasoned Love

Separation In A Seasoned Love


What, if any, shall my love be if tho is not there in the meadow of our season? Shall it wilt as flowers do in the burning sun without thy water to sip into its roots? Shall we not meet by the tree in the meadow of our love? If it is not ordained, how so may it go forth, in the bloom of the day of our meadows love seasoned?

I do miss thee when we are parted from us, in our meadow seasoned love.


Separation In A Seasoned Love

Our love is but just separation,
for just a little while longer from one another.
For our souls still,
dance in the moonlights of a danced love.
Oh, how I’ve missed our time
spent physically with one another.
The anticipation of us again in the heavens,
excite the taste of our beauty we had the chance to live.
My love, until we are reunited,
I shall count the seconds till our harmony is together,
and once again regained.
Our Lord shined on our beauty,
and my love for Him is forever eternal,
and faithful as the love that we’ve once lived here.
Rest my love and by mornings dew,
shall we be together again?

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