The Still Voice

The Still Voice

Depth’s of His heart,
loves all people for
who they are.

The Still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

He weeps with sorrow,
because His children’s
gone astray.

The Still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

He talks once again,
to be astrayed to His land.

The still Voice talks,
but who is listening.

One said: I heard You talk to thee,
the love pours about.

The still Voice talks,
someone….. was…. listening….
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This sure rings a bell for me.

I tried so many times to find forgiveness for me, and just couldn’t find it being so self-convicted.

God’s told me I’ve done nothing wrong and He has forgiven me.

But I’ve had this repeated conversation with our Lord God Almighty for 22 years.

I’ve carried this self -conviction that long.

Time for healing I believe.



Forgive my heart,
for my mind did sin.

For to temptation,
it did give in.

But not my heart,
true to you it did stay!

So why for my minds mistake,
should it pay?

Not through my actions,
but through my thoughts, I did wrong.

If you must, blame my weak mind,
for not being strong.

But not my heart,
true to you it did stay.

And I could not bear,
to be turned away.

For any action, my mind did make,
in no way, did my heart partake.

In my mind one’s faults,
one’s errors or mistakes.

If you must displease my mind,
for what it did make.

But not my heart when  
all it’s done is love you.


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