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Darrell Rose from Texas. Grandfather, husband, businessman, charity bicycle rider across country and poetry writer. Exceptional inspiration to the community for the charity work he does for the underprivileged children.


Featured Writer Darrell Rose from Texas…

Set Aside

Who am I now this lonely man bent to the point of break,

willing to share his soul, yet existing in such loneliness, for none are found who would receive it?

Set aside for the busier matters of others live’s,

I struggle in my search for that quiet reassurance I once knew in the reassuring arms of my love,

knowing I belonged amongst shared dreams and purpose.”



| Copyright © | Darrell Rose | All Rights Reserved |

| Writer’s, Writing Words | |

| Year Posted 2019 |

Source – PoetrySoup


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Let Me

Let Me

Let me love you,
in all it’s form.

Let my heartbeat,
keep you safe and warm.

Let me be your,
forever and a day.

My life begins through,
everything you say.

Trust my soul as it
dries your tear.

I promise my love
I will always be here.

For one look- ~
For one smile ~-

Will say more than,
all words combined.

My soul was meant
to find you.

Here hold my hand,
I’ll show you how I feel.

Showering you with love happiness,
nobody can steal.

Let me fill you with my spirit,
no love can hide.

I’ll give you everything,
my hearts got inside.

You’ll never be,
unhappy in my arms.

You’re in my eyes ~
look and realize ~

I’d rather have you
without a future,
than a future without you.

Love is all I got ~
Love is so real ~

©2019 |William. P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted |Year Posted 2013

Easter to Enjoy

Easter To Enjoy

Jesus came to earth,
to show us how to live.

How to put others first,
how to love and how to give.

Then He set about His work,
that God sent Him to do.

He took our punishment on Himself,
He made us clean and new.

He could have saved Himself,
calling Angels from above.

But He chose to pay our price for sin,
He paid it out of love.

Our Lord died on Good Friday,
but the cross did not destroy.

His resurrection on Easter morn,
that fills our hearts with joy.

Now we know our earthly death,
like His, is just a rest.

We’ll be forever with Him,
in Heaven, where life is best.

So we live our lives for Jesus,
think of Him in all we do.

Thank you Savior,
thank you Lord,
help us love like You.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2003 | International © 2003

Parker Solar Probe A Successful Launch.. 

Parker Solar Probe Launch A Success! 

Today August 21st, 2018 at approximately 3:31a EST, this morning, the Parker Solar Probe launched for the sun’s atmosphere. The second mission of its kind going to the sun’s corona to analyze the atmosphere. In 12 weeks it will be to the sun’s corona where the satellite starts it’s a seven-year mission to collect data of its atmosphere. In six weeks it will cruise past Venus, the no turning point in its mission.

Parker Solar Probe will travel at speeds to over 430,000 miles per hour and make 24 laps around the sun from a distance of 3.83 million miles away. This would be the corona of our sun, analyzing its atmosphere, and sending this data back to NASA. It’s the fastest satellite ever to be built by man and the closest we have ever come to the sun. Last time we sent a probe to the sun was in 1976 coming to a distance of 27 million miles away. The distance from the earth to the sun is an astonishing 93 million miles.

This mission, if it survives it’s blistering heat conditions, a staggering 3-4 million degrees Fahrenheit at the sun’s surface, (up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core), and at 3.83 million miles away, temperature’s of over 2,500° Fahrenheit will go down in history! The satellite has a heat shield of 4.5 inches thick, protecting it and it’s instruments from the blistering temperatures of 2,500° if not hotter and higher.

An hour after launch at 4:31a, it separated from its thrust rocket’s and is now embarked on its seven-year journey. Congratulations to a successful launch NASA, John Hopkins University and to Dr. Eugene Parker, 91, and everyone that played part in a job well done on a fantastic journey to understand the majestic Star of our solar system and galaxy.

Parker Solar Probe is the first of it’s kind to be named after a person which is Dr. Eugene Parker, 91 and the man that initiated this project and mission.

Written by William Darnell Sr

Aug, 21st, 2018 5:32a EST.

© 2019

Source – “Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters


Grandparent At Last

Grandparents At Last

To my granddaughter’s,

Aira’lee Shannon Nadeen,

Adelina Elizabeth.

Grandparent old,

of grandparent new.

The special joy,

that your bringing true.

Fairy tale’s told in the rosy past,

my first granddaughter’s are here at last.

Fishing trips and ice cream cones,

lullaby songs until we doze.

Stories told upon cozy laps,

sunny walks on shaded paths.

Butterfly kisses and big bear hugs,

truly grandparents is another

word for love.

©2019 |William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of this author has been asserted. | Year Posted 2010

Me, A Servant

Me, A Servant

My what an honor today,

that I serve Jesus.

To take His loving hand,

please show me the way.

He opened my eyes,

allowed me to see.

He blew life in my lungs,

He brought me to breathe.

It was in nick of time,

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You took me from that storm,

that thrashed me away.

You brought Peace in me now,

I’ll never live without.

Your my center of my world,

I’ll give it a shout..

I have more Love for You,

that one person can give.

My what a pleasure it is,

that You live within.

I was foolish in the first place,

not to be with You.

I love You more today Lord,

more than I did yesterday too.

©2019 | Creative Essence Creative Writing ™| William P Darnell Sr | All Rights Reserved |The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2017

My Teacher… Life’s Memory

My Teacher… Life’s Memory

Mrs. Sandy Keichle

Being life to me….

life being to see….

A memory,

my teacher.

Can you see,

she believed in me.

A shadow passed,

now standing there.

Marking place being,

once being of life….

It’s true!

My teacher,

a memory,

that believed in me,

me for all things being,

she only to see in me…

Life being to see…

being life to me…

My, What a memory,

held in our hearts,

bonded from their start.

My Teacher…

A memory…

the fondest her being,

a memory,

my teacher.

Being life to me,

life being to see…..

Life being in me….

©2019 | William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved | Creative Essence Creative Writing™ | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2017

Ole’ Angel of Mine

​Ole’ Angel Of Mine

To my dear friend,

Robin Hookie

May you R.I.P

I asked God to send me a miracle,

I felt your presence.

I asked God to touch my heart,

you smiled.

I asked God to send me a friend,

I got an Angel.

When I thanked God for sending me a miracle,

I was overwhelmed by your presence.

When I thanked God that He had

touched my heart,

you came over and stood beside me. 

When I thanked God for sending me a friend, 

and an angel appeared.

You turned and looked at me,

smiled and said hello.

Thank you Angel for being there!!

©2018 | Creative Essence’s Creative Writing™| William P. Darnell Sr.| All Rights Reserved | The moral right of the author has been asserted | Year Posted 2001

Always And Forever

​Always And Forever

John and Donna Hazalet

May you R.I.P.

I am are your lion, 

you are my lamb. 

A song bird singing, 

for this was the plan. 

Always and forever, 

I just want you to know. 

I will always be here for you, 

no matter where I go! 

You can travel by the sea, 

you can travel in the air. 

By camel across the desert, 

I will always be there! 

Your knowledge astounds me, 

I’m desperate to learn. 

Take me to your places, 

this time it’s your turn. 

I will support your dreams and wishes, 

yellow roses helped them to come true. 

I have sealed it with 4 kisses, 

just to be with you. 

I want you to know that I love you, 

you are forever in my heart. 

You’ve blessed my life with so much pleasure, 

without you, I’d fall apart.

©2018 | Creative Essence’s Creative Writing™ | William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved. | The moral right of the author has been asserted |Year Posted 2008

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year… 

May the season bring us all together to celebrate the birth of a King, a Savior to life’s humanity to man. He paid our price for our sins, and I am ever so grateful. He, Lord, Christ Jesus, was sent by the Holy Father.

May peace be with you, and may your seasons’ be bright.

May good health and prosperity find you all!

Gods’ Blessings…

© 2017, 2019

Source – “Writer’s, Writing Words:’ being characters” /



Christmas, a special time of year for most of the world. This is the day we celebrate our King and Saviors birth. The day where God had a plan to help humanity, help themselves. Lord, Christ Jesus, Lord of Lords’, and King of Kings’. Happy Birthday Christ, Happy Birthday…